ERP systems are renowned for being brilliant at controlling businesses, but typically they do not deal with shop floor processes and traceability very well. The MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) systems implemented by Learning4Leaders resolve these issues and what’s more it links to all of your existing infrastructure (Scales, Scanners, PC’s) passing data to your current ERP system (such as SAP, Dynamics NAV/AX, Sage) meaning no redundant equipment.

Implementing a factory system built for the support of the shop floor and its management, rather than the wider business, brings with it all the benefits you would expect; like being able to provide you with complete traceability of all ingredients at the click of a button from the moment a purchase order is received right the way through your factory to delivery to your customer.

Our MOM systems provides real-time information about jobs and orders, labour and materials, machine status, and product shipments. We offer a data collection solution to interface with hardware and peripherals providing important structured feedback in concise reports (e.g. Mass Balance) and visual displays for management and decision makers.

*The traceability system increases profit through normal control, productivity and transparency; producing significant savings in raw material consumption (typically between 2-4%).


  • Intake control
  • Stock optimisation (e.g. ensure stock rotation)
  • Recipe optimisation (yield and gain control)
  • Improve utilisation of material, HR and capacity
  • Improve efficiency (KPI’s/OEE analysis)


  • Reduction of faults
  • Ensure unified quality
  • Reduction of late arrival and lack of control


  • Statistical process control
  • Working together in the supply chain